Describe the relationship between biophysics, physical chemistry, and cell biology.


Describe the relationship between biophysics, physical chemistry, and cell biology.

Scientific Modeling:

Scientific Modeling defines the process of experimentation, simulation, and interpretation of a particular feature of the earth and aid in the representation of its empirical phenomena, quantification, visualization, and physical and biochemical processes. As a result of this extensive research performed through these models, superior knowledge can be extracted and applied.

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Biophysics is a branch of biological sciences that deals with the study of mechanisms and associated factors that mediate the biomechanics of the living organism. This interdisciplinary field applies the basic principles of physics to understand, interpret and make assumptions about the sub-atomic nature and behavior of the biomolecules.

Physical Chemistry is a separate branch of chemical sciences that is concerned with the study of macroscopic chemical systems. The fundamental concepts, theories, and principles in physics are applied to decode the inherent properties of the particulate matter in terms of motion, energy, thermodynamics, electrostatics, time, quantum chemistry, dynamics, light, and chemical equilibria.

Cell Biology is a field of biological sciences that is associated with the study of the structure, function, and behavior of the fundamental units of life called cells that is responsible for governing the sustenance of life on earth.

All the three disciplines of sciences are interconnected and have a particular relevance on a broad scale such that the early concepts and findings of biophysics and physical chemistry serve as the foundational core for the betterment of life-science research oriented to deciphering the secrets and modeling of these particulate building units of life in terms of disease diagnosis and overcoming global epidemics, improved quality of life, safe and hygienic foods, preserving biodiversity and sustainable development.

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