Describe the importance and determinants of an organization's culture as well as how...


Describe the importance and determinants of an organization's culture as well as how organizational culture can be managed.

Organization Culture

An organization's culture characterizes the proper method to behave inside the organization. Since industries and situations change significantly, there is definitely not a one-size-fits-all culture template that addresses the issues all things considered. All have consensus at the top regarding social priorities, and those values center not around individuals but on the organization and its goals.

Answer and Explanation:

Determinants of an organization's culture:

  • Optimization of individuals/ employee morale
  • Overall team productivity and performance, including behavior
  • The co-relation between senior and junior management
  • Employee engagement and participation level in all sorts of business or internal activities
  • Leadership team and type
  • Level of information exchange

Importance of organization's culture:

It is like a nuclear reaction. One initiates, the other follows, and the rest see and start doing the same. It is a spark that needs to be created by the right person in the right direction, at the right time, with absolute rationale and morale. This will lead to where an organization will go in the short or long term.

Culture can be managed by a transformational leader, who can understand his/ her fellow people, convert weak ones into strong ones, develop already strong ones into more strong and futuristic leaders, and can align the right kind of people to the right task, who can continue the same chain.

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