Define the following medical term: Paralysis


Define the following medical term:


Importance of having healthy muscles

Having healthy muscles is important for many reasons, and this is why it is essential to have a protein-rich diet and an active work out schedule to ensure all the muscles are taken care of. Some of the reasons to resistance train your muscles are as follows. For development of strength - this aids in everyday activities such as carrying groceries. To enhance coordination which is also essential for everyday activities as well as during high-level sports. Helps boost bone density - those who are unable to use their muscles, such as those on wheelchairs, are at a higher risk of developing osteoporosis. To lower risk of injury - while doing resistance training, along with muscles even collagen made tendons increase their thickness as well as elasticity, which helps reduce the risk of injuries. Encourages blood flowing - muscles require oxygenated blood to keep functioning, regular exercising helps the vascular system in passing oxygenated blood and removing waste effectively. Lastly, it helps improve joints and boosts the metabolism of the body.

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Paralysis is referred to the loss of muscular functions in various parts of the body. This results due to error in transmission of messages between the brain and muscles. Paralysis can either be complete or partial. It can occur in either one side or both sides of the body, or can be either limited to a specific area or widespread. There are two kinds of paralysis: hemiparesis and hemiplegia. Hemiparesis results in slight weakness or mild loss of strength affecting arms, leg or face. Hemiplegia is either severe or complete loss of strength, and results in paralysis of one side of the body.

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