Define the faraday.


Define the faraday.


The value of one Faraday in Coulombs per mole of electrons can be derived from the Avogadro's number divided by the number of electrons present in 1 Coulomb.

{eq}\begin{aligned} 1\;Faraday\;&=\;\frac{6.022\times10^{23}}{6.24\times10^{18}\;\frac{mole\;electrons}{Coulomb}}\\ 1\;Faraday\;&=\;9.65\times10^{4}\;\frac{Coulombs}{mole\;electrons}\\ \end{aligned} {/eq}

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One Faraday is 96,485 Coulombs per one mole of electrons.

{eq}1\;Faraday\;=\;\frac{96,485\;Coulombs}{1\;mole\;electrons} {/eq}

The unit Faraday is...

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