Define narrator


Question: Define narrator

Point of View

Do you remember the fairy tale ''Little Red Riding Hood?'' What if that story was told through the eyes of the Big Bad Wolf? Stories can change drastically depending on the story's narrator.

Answer and Explanation:

A narrator is a voice that provides an ongoing description of the events of a story. Narrators share important and insightful information with their audience. They also influence how their audience perceives the events they describe. Identifying a work's narrator will help determine the story's perspective, or point of view.

Most narrators in literature are nameless and unseen. These narrators are not characters in the story; they are simply the voice describing the plot, setting, and characters to the reader. For example, the narrator in William Golding's Lord of the Flies is never identified. The narrator's identity isn't important. In this case, the narrator is simply the reader's conduit into the story.

Some stories are told from a character's point of view. In these instances, the reader experiences the story through the eyes and emotions of one of its characters. For example, Edgar Allan Poe's poem ''The Raven'' is told through the eyes of a man mourning the loss of his loved one. He himself tells the reader what he experienced on the night of the Raven's visit.

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