Define malleable and ductile.


Define malleable and ductile.

Properties of metals and non-metals:

Metals and nonmetals are differentiated based on their properties. Malleability, ductility, and luster all come under their properties. Generally, the substances which are malleable, ductile, and show lusture are metals, while others are non-metals.

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  • The word "malleability" derives from the word "hammer", which means "forged"' and refers to shape under compression.
  • Metals may be crushed or hammered into a new shape without cracking or returning to their old form because they are malleable.
  • Metal kernels from one layer glide across the other when a lot of shearing force is applied. The consistent distribution of free electrons across the metal causes the metal kernels to stabilize once more after being moved. Metals are hence malleable and ductile and can be permanently deformed without breaking.
  • The degree of malleability rises with temperature. As a result, high temperatures are needed for procedures like forging or rolling.


  • Ductility is the quality of metals that allows them to be hammered thin or stretched into wire without breaking. It is a physical attribute of a metal that allows for the creation of thin wire.
  • The metallic bonds are what cause the degree of ductility. The metallic bonding is created when a lattice of positively charged metal ions share free electrons.
  • The positively charged atomic nuclei of the interacting metal ions were encircled by a "sea" of electrons. Afterward, the electrons can wander around in the region between the atomic nuclei.
  • Copper is a metal that is malleable as well as ductile.

Thus, the malleable and ductile property is defined above.

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