Define flat character


Define flat character

Flat Character

A flat character is a literary term used to describe a type of character in a text. It is a specific kind of character typically found in novels and short stories. Understanding the types of characters can help a reader to analyze a text.

Answer and Explanation:

A flat character is one who does not change throughout the course of a literary text. They also are not very complex in their behavior or personality. Flat characters are often present to interact with the main character in a variety of ways. Sometimes, they are causing the problem for the main character. Other times, they are working alongside the main character.

Some examples of flat characters are seen below.

In A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, the three spirits who visit Scrooge are flat characters. They are only present to show him part of his life and do not change during the story.

In Disney's The Lion King, Scar is a flat character. He never grows or changes from a mean character despite what happens in the story.

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