Coronado Company's inventory records show the following data: Units Unit Cost Inventory, January...


Coronado Company's inventory records show the following data:

UnitsUnit Cost
Inventory, January 1 10,300$9.40
June 18 9,1007.00
November 8 6,5008.00

A physical inventory on December 31 shows 3600 units on hand. Coronado sells the units for $13 each. The company has an effective tax rate of 22%. Coronado uses the periodic inventory method. Under the FIFO method, the December 31 inventory is valued at?

Merchandise Inventory:

A merchandise inventory is an item bought by a company to sell it at a higher price to a third party. The inventories not sold at the end of the period is record in the current asset section in the balance sheet.

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Based on the information given, the ending inventory is 3,600 units. Under FIFO method, the unit cost of the ending inventory is from the latest...

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