Consider the polar equation r^2 \sin \theta = 5 (1) What is the equation in Cartesian...


Consider the polar equation {eq}r^2 \sin \theta = 5 {/eq}

(1) What is the equation in Cartesian (rectangular) coordinates equivalent to this polar equation?

(2) Which of the following curves is associated with the equation given above?

A. line

B. circle

C. parabola

D. hyperbola

Rectangular Form of an Equation:

To find out the rectangular form of an equation, we need to substitute {eq}x=r \cos (\theta) {/eq} and {eq}y=r \sin (\theta) {/eq} .

Next, we need to find out the type of curve associated with the equation.

Answer and Explanation: 1

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We are given:

{eq}r^2 \sin \theta = 5 {/eq}

We know {eq}x=r \cos (\theta) {/eq} and {eq}y=r \sin (\theta) {/eq} gives {eq}\theta=...

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