Consider the function Y = pXZ where X greater than 0 and Z greater than 0. Draw the contour lines...


Consider the function {eq}Y = pXZ {/eq} where {eq}X > 0 {/eq} and {eq}Z > 0 {/eq}. Draw the contour lines (in the positive quadrant) for this function for {eq}Y = 4, Y = 5, {/eq} and {eq}Y = 10 {/eq}. What do we call the shape of these contour lines? Where does the line {eq}20X + 10Z = 200 {/eq} intersect with the contour line {eq}Y = 50 {/eq}?

Indifference Curves:

Indifference curve is a type of level curves in economics. All consumption bundles on an indifference curve yields the same level of total utility, hence consumers are indifferent between those consumption bundles.

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These contour lines are plotted below (with p = 1):

These contour lines are convex.

For the case of p = 1, the point of intersection is the...

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