Consider the following reaction. MnO_2+4HCl\rightarrow MnCl_2+Cl_2+2H_2O How many grams of MnO_2...


Consider the following reaction.

{eq}MnO_2+4HCl\rightarrow MnCl_2+Cl_2+2H_2O {/eq}

How many grams of {eq}MnO_2 {/eq} are required to produce 5.6 of {eq}Cl_2 {/eq} at s.t.p?

Gas Stoichiometry:

At times, the initial volume of a gas may be given in a problem concerning stoichiometry. To solve these types of problems, we must be able to use the ideal gas equation to determine the amount in moles of a gas at a certain temperature and pressure. From the balanced chemical equation, we can arrive at the mole ratio which allows us to determine the amount of products produced or reactants required for a specific reaction that involves gases.

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The problem failed to give the units of the amount of chlorine gas.Using the hint of conditions at STP, we will assume that the unit is in Liters....

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