Complete and balance the reaction: {eq}\rm HCl + Ba(OH)_2 \to {/eq}.


Complete and balance the reaction: {eq}\rm HCl + Ba(OH)_2 \to {/eq}.

Neutralization Reaction:

Neutralization reactions are double displacement reactions that occur between acid and base reactants. One of the expected products in such a reaction is water. So, one can more easily predict the other product by just combining the other substances present (other than hydrogen and oxygen). The other products made from other substances aside from hydrogen and oxygen are called "salts".

Answer and Explanation:

In this scenario, we see that a base is reacting with an acid. This will most likely produce salt and water:

{eq}2HCl + Ba(OH)_2 \rightarrow BaCl_2 + 2H_2O {/eq}

And there we have the balanced equation!

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