Complete and balance the following reaction: {eq}Na_2CO_3(aq) + CoCl_2(aq) \to {/eq}


Complete and balance the following reaction: {eq}Na_2CO_3(aq) + CoCl_2(aq) \to {/eq}

Precipitation Reaction:

In determining whether the reaction will lead to a precipitation reaction, the solubility rules will be used. This is a set of rules that is used whether the combination of ions will form a precipitate or not. An example of the clause of this set of rules is that all compounds of nitrate are soluble.

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The complete molecular equation for the reaction is shown below.

{eq}\rm Na_2CO_3(aq) + CoCl_2(aq) \to 2NaCl(aq) + CoCO_3(s) {/eq}

The complete...

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