Complete and balance the following reaction: {eq}Na + HNO_3 \to {/eq}


Complete and balance the following reaction: {eq}Na + HNO_3 \to {/eq}

Metallic Element:

The majority of elements presented in the periodic table are metals. This includes the first two columns (groups) of the table on the left side and the entire d-block of transition metals (e.g. iron, Fe). At standard conditions metallic elements appear as solids (except mercury). They are always good at conducting both heat and electricity. With very few exceptions, an important chemical property of metallic elements in their pure form, is their relative ease of giving up their valence electrons. Therefore, metals are generally considered to be good reducing agents, including in the presence of a strong acid (oxidizing agent).

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"Na" is the elemental symbol for sodium, which is located in the first group of the periodic table. The question shows its reaction with...

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