Complete and balance the following reaction: KOH_{(aq)} + HNO_{3(aq)} \to _____. Also, write the...


Complete and balance the following reaction: {eq}KOH_{(aq)} + HNO_{3(aq)} \to {/eq} _____. Also, write the complete ionic and net ionic equations.

Acid-Base Neutralization

An acid-base neutralization reaction is a double displacement reaction where the hydrogen ion from the acid and the hydroxide ion from the base forms water. On the other hand, the remaining ions combine to form a salt.

{eq}\rm HA + BOH \to BA + H_2O {/eq}

Answer and Explanation: 1

When nitric acid and potassium hydroxide reacts, potassium nitrate and water are produced.

Balanced equation: {eq} \rm KOH_{(aq)} + HNO_{3(aq)} \to KNO_{3(aq)} + H_2O_{(l)} {/eq}

To obtain the complete ionic equation, we will dissociate the aqueous compounds into ions.

Complete ionic: {eq} \rm K^+_{(aq)} + OH^-_{(aq)} + H^+_{(aq)} + NO^-_{3(aq)} \to K^+_{(aq)} + NO^-_{3(aq)} + H_2O_{(l)} {/eq}

Let us remove the spectator ions (potassium and nitrate ions) to obtain the net ionic equation.

Net ionic: {eq} \rm H^+_{(aq)} + OH^-_{(aq)} \to H_2O_{(l)} {/eq}

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