Complete and balance the following equation: {eq}HNO_{3(aq)} + Ca(OH)_{2(aq)} \to {/eq} _____.


Complete and balance the following equation: {eq}HNO_{3(aq)} + Ca(OH)_{2(aq)} \to {/eq} _____.

Acid-Base Reactions:

In many cases, we can easily determine which species is the acidic species and which species is the basic species especially if the compounds conform to the Arrhenius and Bronsted-Lowry definition. However, for other acids and bases such as the Lewis acids and bases, it is hard to discriminate between the two.

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In the reaction, the acid is {eq}HNO_3 {/eq} and the base is {eq}Ca(OH)_2 {/eq}. The reaction will proceed through the reaction of the hydroxide...

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