calculate the ph of a solution of 0.113 M HCl


calculate the ph of a solution of 0.113 M HCl

pH of a Solution:

The acidity of a solution is determined by the concentration of {eq}H_3O^{+} {/eq} in the solution. It is measured using a generalized scale known as the pH indicator ranging from 0 to 14.

pH of the solution is calculated by taking the negative logarithm of the {eq}H_3O^{+} {/eq} ion concentration in the solution.

Thus we have {eq}pH = - \log \left [ H_3O^{+} \right ] {/eq}

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  • The concentration of the HCl is 0.113 M.

Now we know that HCl is a strong acid and it is completely dissociated in aqueous solution.


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