Calculate the molarity and the molality of an N H 3 solution made up of 30.0 g of N H 3 in...


Calculate the molarity and the molality of an {eq}NH_3 {/eq} solution made up of 30.0 g of {eq}NH_3 {/eq} in 70.0 g of water. The density of the solution is 0.982 g/mL.

Molarity and Molality:

The two most common methods of expressing the amount of moles present in a solution are Molarity and molality. Often, we find that molarity is more commonly used for reaction that occur in aqueous solution at constant temperature. The molality is the concentration unit of choice for reactions that occur at a temperature range. To study colligative properties such as the boiling point elevation, freezing point depression, and vapor pressure lowering, the molality is the concentration unit used. The formulas for molarity and molality are:

{eq}\rm Molarity~(M) = \dfrac{moles~solute}{Liter~solution} \\ molality~(m) = \dfrac{moles~solute}{kg~solvent} {/eq}

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To determine the molarity of the solution of ammonia, we must determine the moles of ammonia present and the volume of solution. Using...

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