Calculate the {eq}\left [ H^+ \right ] {/eq} in a 0.033 M {eq}NaOH {/eq} solution.


Calculate the {eq}\left [ H^+ \right ] {/eq} in a 0.033 M {eq}NaOH {/eq} solution.

Hydronium Ions

In the context of solutions, we measure the pH of the solution to determine the acidity of the solution. Unlike the pOH where we are calculating based on the hydroxide ions, pH is not based on the concentration of hydrogen ions. The pH of a solution is calculated instead by using the hydronium ions as hydrogen ions are reactive and would likely bond to the water molecules in the solution.

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We were given a solution with {eq}\rm \left [ NaOH \right ] = 0.033 {/eq} M. Sodium hydroxide completely dissociates in water and produces an equal...

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