Balance the reaction: {eq}H_2 + N_2 \to NH_3 {/eq}.


Balance the reaction: {eq}H_2 + N_2 \to NH_3 {/eq}.

Balancing Chemical Equations:

We balance chemical equations by placing the necessary coefficients before the chemical formula of the chemical species that are involved in the reaction. It is necessary to balance chemical equations as molecules, atoms, and compounds react with one another with predictable stoichiometric ratios. Additionally, it is important to recall that only the coefficients are changed. The subscripts that appear on the chemical formulas cannot be changed to balance a chemical equation.

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The first step is to write the unbalanced chemical equation with the correct chemical formulas.

{eq}\rm H_2 + N_2 \to NH_3 {/eq}

Notice that...

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