Balance the following reaction: {eq}PH_3 + N_2H_4 \to P + NH_3 {/eq}


Balance the following reaction: {eq}PH_3 + N_2H_4 \to P + NH_3 {/eq}

Redox Reaction:

A redox reaction appears similar to other types of reaction systems. Its equation describes a set of reactant species transformed into a set of product species. The transformation follows the law of conservation of mass, so the equation must be balanced in mass and charge. The presence of a redox reaction is confirmed by certain reactant atoms changing their oxidation states during product formation, due to a transfer of electrons. Identifying the pair of oxidation and reduction processes is required to balance the redox reaction by the half-reaction method. If the half-reaction equations contain hydrogen and/or oxygen atoms, then you will likely have to insert hydrogen ion, hydroxide ion and water molecule species, depending on the acidic or basic nature of the reaction solution.

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The given unbalanced reaction equation represents a redox reaction, as we will confirm by determining changes in oxidation state:

{eq}\rm PH_3 +...

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