Balance the following equation:

o){eq}H_2S + HNO_3 \longrightarrow S + NO {/eq}


Balance the following equation:

o){eq}H_2S + HNO_3 \longrightarrow S + NO {/eq}

Chemical Equations:

A chemical reaction occurs when reactants collide with one another to form new substances. The chemical reaction is characterized by chemical changes. A chemical change occurs when the formation of new substances is brought about by the rearrangement of the atoms. As such, the number of atoms of each individual element are equal on the products and reactants side. Balanced chemical equations are essential in all stoichiometric calculations.

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The given unbalanced chemical equation can be written as:

{eq}\rm H_2S + HNO_3 \longrightarrow S + NO + H_2O {/eq}

We can begin by balancing...

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