Balance the following equation: {eq}C_6H_{14} + O_2 \to CO_2 + H_2O {/eq}


Balance the following equation: {eq}C_6H_{14} + O_2 \to CO_2 + H_2O {/eq}

Balancing Equations

Chemical equations depict the reactants and products that participate and are formed in a chemical reaction respectively. The number of each individual atom must be balanced on both sides of the equation by using coefficients. In order to balance an equation, choose an atom and add the coefficient while monitoring how it affects the other atoms, Continue to do this one atom at a time until the equation is balanced.

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{eq}C_6H_{14} + O_2 \to CO_2 + H_2O{/eq}

First, determine the number of each atoms on left and right side of the equation.


C: 6

H: 14


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