Balance the following equation: {eq}Ba(OH)_2(aq) + K_2SO_4(aq) \to KOH(aq) + BaSO_4(s) {/eq}


Balance the following equation: {eq}Ba(OH)_2(aq) + K_2SO_4(aq) \to KOH(aq) + BaSO_4(s) {/eq}

Double Displacement Reaction:

The given chemical equation shows a reaction between barium hydroxide and potassium sulfate. It is specifically a double displacement reaction where the two reactants exchange their ions with one another to produce potassium hydroxide and barium sulfate. A precipitate was produced in the reaction since barium sulfate is considered insoluble to water (aqueous solution).

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In order to have a balanced chemical equation, there must be an equal number of Ba, O, H, K, and S atoms on both sides of the reaction. It can be...

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