Balance the following equation: {eq}Au_2O_3 \to Au + O_2 {/eq}


Balance the following equation: {eq}Au_2O_3 \to Au + O_2 {/eq}

Strategy to Balance Reaction:

The multiplication of an appropriate constant value with the compound or element is required to balance the imbalanced elements. For example, we have an unbalanced chemical reaction {eq}\rm M_xN\to M+yN {/eq}, then we'll multiply the compound {eq}\rm M_xN {/eq} by {eq}y {/eq} and the element {eq}\rm M {/eq} by {eq}xy {/eq}.

{eq}\rm yM_xN\to xyM+yN {/eq}

  • Where {eq}x {/eq} and {eq}y {/eq} are constant values.

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{eq}\rm Au_2O_3 \to Au + O_2 {/eq}

The count of atoms on the reactant side is:

{eq}\rm Au=2\\[2ex] \rm O=3\\[2ex] {/eq}

The count of...

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