Balance the following equation. Al + Cr_2O_3 to Al_2O_3 + Cr. a. 2Al + Cr_2O_3 to Al_2O_3 + 2Cr....


Balance the following equation. {eq}\rm Al + Cr_2O_3 \to Al_2O_3 + Cr {/eq}.

a. {eq}\rm 2Al + Cr_2O_3 \to Al_2O_3 + 2Cr {/eq}.

b. {eq}\rm 2Al + Cr_2O_3 \to Al_2O_3 + Cr {/eq}.

c. {eq}\rm 4Al + 2Cr_2O_3 \to 2Al_2O_3 + 4Cr {/eq}.

d. {eq}\rm Al + Cr_2O_3 \to Al_2O_3 + 2Cr {/eq}.

Balanced Chemical Equations:

The balanced chemical equation is an expression for the reaction occurring between substances. This expression provides both the chemical changes between the substances and the coefficients where the mole fraction between the substances can be derived.

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Balance the given chemical equation. We do this by adjusting the coefficients of the substances until the number of atoms per element is equal on...

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