Balance the following equation: {eq}AgNO_3 + AlCl_3 \to AgCl + Al(NO_3)_3 {/eq}


Balance the following equation: {eq}AgNO_3 + AlCl_3 \to AgCl + Al(NO_3)_3 {/eq}

Balancing Chemical Equation:

The formation of a new set of compounds by the reaction of another set of compounds is a chemical reaction. This reaction can be represented by using symbols of each element for a compound. The number of atoms of each type must be the same for reactant and product in a balanced equation.

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  • The skeleton equation is,

{eq}\rm{AgN}{O_3} + AlC{l_3} \to AgCl + Al{\left( {N{O_3}} \right)_3} {/eq}

  • The equation with the representation of states...

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