Balance the following chemical equation: F e S ( s ) + H C l ( a q ) F e C l 2 ( a q ) + H 2 S...


Balance the following chemical equation:

{eq}FeS(s)+HCl(aq) \rightarrow FeCl_2(aq)+H_2S(g) {/eq}.

Balancing Chemical Equations:

Any stoichiometric calculations must be based on the balanced chemical equation. A balanced chemical equation follows the law of conservation of mass. No new atoms must be created and no atoms can be destroyed. In addition, the coefficients from the balanced chemical equation give the ratio by which the chemical species react with one another.

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The unbalanced chemical equation for the reaction is:

{eq}\rm FeS(s) +HCl(aq) \rightarrow FeCl_2(aq)+H_2S(g) {/eq}

Notice that the atoms of H and...

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