Balance the following chemical equation.

{eq}CH_4+Cl_2 \rightarrow CHCl_3+HCl {/eq}


Balance the following chemical equation.

{eq}CH_4+Cl_2 \rightarrow CHCl_3+HCl {/eq}

Mixture of Methane and Chlorine:

An example of an unbalanced chemical reaction is {eq}\rm N_2\to N_3 {/eq} and element {eq}N {/eq} is not balanced in this reaction then use multiplication by multiplying the compound on the reactant and product side by an appropriate constant respectively to balance the reaction.

{eq}\rm \boxed 3N_2\to \boxed 2N_3 {/eq}

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Chemical equation:

{eq}\rm CH_4+Cl_2 \rightarrow CHCl_3+HCl\\[2ex] {/eq}

The atoms on the reactant side are:

{eq}\rm C=1\\[2ex] \rm...

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