Balance the equation: {eq}C_3H_6O + O_2 \rightarrow CO_2 + H_2O {/eq}


Balance the equation: {eq}C_3H_6O + O_2 \rightarrow CO_2 + H_2O {/eq}

Balancing Chemical Equation

A chemical equation is of almost no use to a chemist unless it is fully and correctly balanced. Balancing a chemical equation means that numbers (called 'coefficients') are added to the immediate left of the chemical formula of elements or compounds, until the number of each of the elements is the same on both sides of the arrow.

If there are any dissociated ions present, then it is imperative to also ensure that the charges are the same on both sides of the arrow.

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The chemical reaction of interest is the combustion of propanone, with chemical formula {eq}C_3H_6O {/eq}. Like many organic compounds (including...

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