Assume F&S offers a ~'Fit 50~' coupon book with 50 prepaid visits over next year. F&S has learned...


Assume F&S offers a "Fit 50" coupon book with 50 prepaid visits over next year. F&S has learned that Fit 50 purchasers make an average of 40 visits before the coupon book expires. A customer purchases a Fit 50 book by paying $500 in advance, and for any additional visits over 50 during the year after the book is purchased, the customer can pay a $15 visitation fee per visit. F&S typically charges $15 to nonmembers who use the facilities for a single day.

a. & b. Indicate below whether each item is a separate performance obligation. For each separate performance obligation you have indicated, allocate a portion of the contract price.

Recognizing Revenue from Service Contracts:

When a client buys a service contract or subscription from a company, the revenue from the purchase must be recognized as and when the services are delivered, and not when the contract sale takes place.

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The sale of the Fit 50 coupon book is one performance obligation (to provide an estimated 40 gym visits).

The company will record the revenue as...

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