"Are you born or made a leader?" Please respond to the following: Go to the Psychology Today...


"Are you born or made a leader?" Please respond to the following: Go to the Psychology Today Website and read the article titled "Leaders: Born or Made?" located at Then choose two (2) of your favorite leaders, and discuss whether you believe each of the chosen people were born or made leaders. Make sure to give supporting statements as to why you believe a certain way.


The article "Leaders: Born or Made?" by Ronald Riggio, PhD, makes the case that leaders are "mostly made." In particular, research indicates that leadership is about one-third born and two-thirds made. This means that leaders can be developed through appropriate training.

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One of my favorite leaders is Ted Turner. Ted Turner founded a number of popular cable channels, such as CNN and the Cartoon Network. He led Turner Broadcasting until the company was sold to Time Warner. There is evidence that being bold, assertive, or risk-taking can be advantageous for leaders. No one had ever created a 24 hours news channel before. Turner was the first to do so with CNN. It was definitely a plus that Turner was a risk-taker. Research suggests that extraversion is associated with leaders. Turner was clearly an extrovert. In his heyday, he was known as "The Mouth of the South" and "Captain Outrageous." I believe he may have been born with the trait of extraversion. However, his propensity for taking risks may have been learned from his father who was a successful entrepreneur.

Hugh McColl is another of my favorite leaders. He is the former Chairman and CEO of Bank of America. McColl turned a small North Carolina Bank called NCNB into an international banking powerhouse. He did this by acquiring dozens of banks over his career. Research shows that being bold and assertive is associated with leadership. McColl definitely exhibited these characteristics. I believe McColl was a made leader. Before entering the banking professions, McColl spent two years in the United States Marine Corps. The military is well-known for being a breeding ground for future leaders. McColl always kept a grenade on his desk to commemorate his time serving in the military.

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