Aqueous calcium chloride reacts with aqueous potassium carbonate in a double-displacement...


Aqueous calcium chloride reacts with aqueous potassium carbonate in a double-displacement reaction. Write a balanced equation to describe this reaction. Include states of matter in your answer.

Double Displacement Reactions:

A double displacement reaction can occur in an aqueous solution when ionic compounds exchange ions with one another to form products. An example of a chemical reaction that can be classified as a double displacement reaction is a precipitation reaction. We find that silver nitrate and potassium chloride can react with one another according to the chemical equation below.

$$\rm double~displacement~reaction: AgNO_3(aq) + KCl(aq) \to AgCl(s) + KNO_3(aq) $$

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The unbalanced molecular equation can be written by using the given statement. By exchanging the ions of the reactants with one another, we form...

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