An ore sample is known to contain copper sulfate pentahydrate,CuSO_4\cdot5H_2O. If a 10.000 g...


An ore sample is known to contain copper sulfate pentahydrate, {eq}CuSO_4\cdot5H_2O{/eq}. If a 10.000 g sample of the ore loses 0.336 g of water when heated strongly, what is the maximum quantity of {eq}CuSO_4\cdot5H_2O{/eq} that could be in the sample? (Molar Mass {eq}CuSO_4 \cdot 5H_2O{/eq} = 249.55 grams per mole)

Salt Hydrates

When an anhydrous salt forms a solid crystalline structure with a fixed ratio of water molecules, it results in organic salt hydrates. On the other hand, when water is evaporated, it becomes anhydrous salt.

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Step 1: Calculate the moles of water evaporated.

The molar mass of water is 18.02 g/mol.


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