a. What is adolescence? b. What are the stages of adolescence? c. What are the characteristics of...


a. What is adolescence?

b. What are the stages of adolescence?

c. What are the characteristics of adolescence?

Stages of Development:

The development of a human to become a fully grown mature adult from children is incorporated into the stages of development. It majorly consists of three stages- initial childhood, intermediate childhood, and adolescence.

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The development stage of adolescence is followed by- the early and middle childhood stage and lasts till the age of 21 years in an individual.


The transition stage between childhood and adulthood that commences from the age of 10 and approximately terminates at the age of 19 is called adolescence. It can also be defined as a transition state that commences at puberty and terminates at the legal adulthood age. Psychological and physical developments are the two hallmarks of this stage. An individual attains reproductive maturity at this stage.


The phase of adolescence is divided into three remarkable stages.

The early adolescent phase commences from the age of 10 and lasts till the age of 13. An increase in the growth of the children, along with the development of anxiety and curiosity, occurs at this stage. Numerous mental and emotional changes are observed in the individuals. The middle adolescent phase begins at the age of 14 and ends at the age of 17. This phase is marked by the psychological development of the individual and the physical development of puberty. The late adolescence phase begins at the age of 18 and terminates at the age of 21. The major development in the ideologies and values of an individual is observed in this phase.


The period of adolescence is perceived as a stressful period in the life of an individual where changes in emotional, mental, social, and physical behavior are observed. The significant characteristics of this phase are- indistinct status, enhanced decision making, biological maturation, rise in pressure, biological growth, and self-search.

The adolescence phase begins during puberty and leads to the development of an individual in various aspects and makes them sexually mature. The infusion of hormones results in the physical and psychological development of an individual.

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