A wave transfers ________. (a) Amplitude (b) Wavelength (c) Frequency (Hz) (d)...


A wave transfers {eq}\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_. {/eq}

(a) Amplitude

(b) Wavelength

(c) Frequency (Hz)

(d) Energy.


A wave is defined as vibration or disturbance that moves within a matter. This wave can transfer energy within the matter without transporting the medium. This can be shown in many cases where waves can be identified like water waves and earthquakes. The propagation of waves can be described using the wave equation. This wave equation is in terms of either or a combination of the following: displacement, wavelength, amplitude, period, speed, or frequency.

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A wave transfers energy while moving over a distance with no transfer matter. An example of this is a water wave in which waves move without moving...

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