A three-step process for producing molten iron metal from F e 2 O 3 is: 1. 3 F e 2 O 3 + C O ...


A three-step process for producing molten iron metal from {eq}Fe_{2}O_{3} {/eq} is:

1. {eq}3Fe_{2}O_{3} + CO \rightarrow 2Fe_{3}O_{4}+CO_{2} {/eq}

2. {eq}Fe_{3}O_{4}+CO \rightarrow 3FeO +CO_{2} {/eq}

3. {eq}FeO+CO \rightarrow Fe + CO_{2} {/eq}

Assuming that the reactant {eq}CO {/eq} is present in excess and that the yields for the three steps are 77.6%, 94.4% and 90.3%, respectively, what mass of iron metal would be produced from 180. kg of {eq}Fe_{2}O_{3} {/eq}?

Determining Percent Yield:

To evaluate the percent yield of a reaction, one should know the actual yield and theoretical yield of the reaction. The actual yield is gettable from experimental measurement whereas the theoretical yield is calculated purely based on the balanced reaction.

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The molar mass {eq}(MM) {/eq} of {eq}Fe_2O_3 {/eq} is 159.69 g/mol.

Conversion of Unit:

{eq}1\;kg=1000\;g\\ \Rightarrow...

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