(a) The intensity of a sound wave is 5.29 \times 10^{-4}\ \rm{W/m^2}. Find the sound level in...


(a) The intensity of a sound wave is {eq}5.29 \times 10^{-4}\ \rm{W/m^2} {/eq}. Find the sound level in decibels.

(b) The sound level of some music is 76.5 dB. Find the intensity in units of {eq}\rm{W/m^2} {/eq}.

Sound and Hearing Mechanism:

The sound is a variety of wave energy that always wants some medium to propagate (such as air). In the air, sound energy compresses the nearby air molecules, and then these compressed air molecules expand by compressing their nearby air molecules. In this way, sound propagates and reaches to ear.

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Given Data

  • The intensity of sound wave is: {eq}{I_s} = 5.29 \times {10^{ - 4}}\;{\rm{W/}}{{\rm{m}}^2} {/eq}.
  • The sound level of music is:...

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