A solution of 0.25 M NaOH is used to neutralize 25.0 mL of H3PO4 solution. If 33.0 mL of NaOH is...


A solution of 0.25 M {eq}NaOH {/eq} is used to neutralize 25.0 mL of {eq}H_3PO_4 {/eq} solution. If 33.0 mL of {eq}NaOH {/eq} is required to reach the endpoint, what is the molarity of the {eq}H_3PO_4 {/eq}?

a) 0.042 M

b) 0.50 M

c) 3.78 M

d) 1.26 M

e) 0.11 M


In describing solution concentrations, molarity (M) refers to the amount of solute present in a liter of solution. In addition to this, the molar concentration is usually expressed in moles per liter; however, several units can still be used as long as it agrees with mol/L when the dimensional analysis is used.

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The reaction between {eq}NaOH{/eq} and {eq}H_3PO_4{/eq} is written below where 3 moles of {eq}NaOH{/eq} are required to neutralize 1 mole of...

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