A solution contains 0.25 M Ni(NO_3) and 0.25 M Cu(NO_3)_2. Can metal ions be separated by slowly...


A solution contains 0.25 M {eq}\rm Ni(NO_3) {/eq} and 0.25 M {eq}\rm Cu(NO_3)_2 {/eq}. Can metal ions be separated by slowly adding {eq}\rm Na_2CO_3 {/eq}? Assume that for successful separation {eq}99\% {/eq} of the metal ion must be precipitated before the other metal ion begin to precipitate, and assume that no volume change occurs on the addition of {eq}\rm Na_2CO_3 {/eq}.

Metal Nitrate:

A metal nitrate is classified as a type of compound that is marked with an alkali metal along with the nitrate ions. These are soluble in water and the melting points range from 255-414 degrees Celsius.

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Ksp (Ni(CO3)2)=1.42*10^-7

Cu(NO3)2= soluble so fully dissociates in solution.

Cu(NO3)2 ---->Cu2+(aq) +NO3-(aq)

Ni(CO3) <--->Ni2+(aq)...

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