A solution contains 0.20 M Cl^- and 0.20 M SO_4^{2-}. a) Identify a cation that could be added...


A solution contains {eq}0.20 \ M \ Cl^- {/eq} and {eq}0.20 \ M \ SO_4^{2-}. {/eq}

a) Identify a cation that could be added to the solution to give a precipitate with only one of these anions.

b) Write the net ionic equation for the precipitation reaction in part a?


A cation is a positively charged ion. A cation can be polyatomic, which means it has more than one atom, such as Ammonium {eq}(NH_4^+) {/eq}. A cation can also be a single atom such as Magnesium ions {eq}(Mg^{2+}) {/eq} or Sodium ions {eq}(Na^+) {/eq}. Cations can mix with anions to form salts for example {eq}Na^+ + Cl^- \to NaCl {/eq}.

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