A solution containing both Ag+ and Cu2 + ions is subjected to electrolysis. a. Which metal should...


A solution containing both {eq}Ag^+ {/eq} and {eq}Cu^{2+} {/eq} ions is subjected to electrolysis.

a. Which metal should plate out first?

b. Plating out is finished after a current of 0.74 A is passed through the solution for 2.65 h. If the total mass of metal is 3.66 g, what is the mass percent of silver in the product?

Number of Moles:

A physical quantity that describes the material mass present in a given molar mass is known as the number of moles. The number of moles is measured in units of moles, where one mole = 6.02214078 * 10^23.

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We need the following information to solve this problem:

  • The current is {eq}{I_o}=0.74\;{\rm {A}} {/eq}.
  • The time when the current passes through...

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