A mixture of CuSO4 5H2O and MgSO4 7H2O is heated until all water is lost. If 5.020 g of the...


A mixture of {eq}CuSO_4 \cdot 5H_2O {/eq} and {eq}MgSO_4 \cdot 7H_2O {/eq} is heated until all water is lost. If 5.020 g of the mixture gives 2.988 g of the anhydrous salts, what is the percent by mass of {eq}CuSO_4 \cdot 5H_2O {/eq} in the mixture?

Hydrated Salt:

Salts that have water molecules within their crystals are known as hydrated salts. {eq}MgSO_4\cdot 7H_2O \space and \space CuSO_4\cdot 5H_2O {/eq} are examples of hydrated salts. When these salts are heated, they lose water and become anhydrous salts ({eq}MgSO_4 \space and \space CuSO_4 {/eq}).

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We are given a mixture of {eq}CuSO_4\cdot5H_2O\; \space and \space \;MgSO_4\cdot 7H_2O {/eq} and {eq}5.020 \space g {/eq} of the mixture gives out...

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