A hydrate of calcium chloride contains 49.3 % water and has a formula weight of 219 g / mol....


A hydrate of calcium chloride contains {eq}49.3 \ \% {/eq} water and has a formula weight of {eq}219 \ g / mol {/eq}. Calculate the molecular formula of the hydrate.


The hydrate is a compound containing water molecules as its integral part of the molecular formula. It is named as the ionic compound followed by the suffix "hydrate" which represents the number of molecules of water. For example, {eq}\rm Na_2CO_3.10H_2O {/eq}

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We are given a hydrate of Calcium chloride contains 49.3% of water.

Molecular formula of hydrate = {eq}\rm 219\ g/mol {/eq}

We are told to find the...

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