(a) Describe muscle tissue. (b) Distinguish between its three types.


(a) Describe muscle tissue.

(b) Distinguish between its three types.


Tissues are groups of cells that all work together to perform a similar function, and the cells that they are made of are similar in structure and function. The four types of tissues found in the body include muscle tissues, connective tissues, epithelial tissues, and nervous tissues.

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a.) Muscle tissues are the tissues that make up muscles. are are characterize as soft tissue found in the muscles of organisms. Muscle tissues main function is to help the muscles contract and move.

b.) There are three types of muscle tissues found in the body: skeletal muscle tissues, cardiac muscle tissues, and smooth muscle tissues. These muscle tissues all have various structures and functions.

  • skeletal muscle tissues: provide movement of bones and other structures
  • cardiac muscle tissues: provide contraction movements that helps the heart pump blood
  • smooth muscle tissues: play an active role in helping facilitate bodily functions

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