A chemist adds 220.0 m L of a 0.0458 M copper (II) sulfate ( C u S O 4 ) solution to a...


A chemist adds {eq}220.0 mL {/eq} of a {eq}0.0458 \mu M {/eq} copper (II) sulfate ({eq}CuSO_4 {/eq}) solution to a reaction flask. Calculate the millimoles of copper (II) sulfate added to the flask with the correct number of significant digits.


Solutions are homogeneous mixtures containing a solute dissolved inside a solvent. Concentration of solutions tell us how much solute there is per unit volume of solution. The higher the concentration, the more solute there is per unit volume.

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To calculate the moles of a chemical in a solution, we use the following formula:

{eq}n=cV\\ \begin{align} Where\:c &= concentration\\ n &=...

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