A basic solution of 1.0 M KMnO4(aq) is mixed with aqueous NaHS solution. Does a reaction occur?...


A basic solution of 1.0 M KMnO4 (aq) is mixed with an aqueous NaHS solution. Does a reaction occur? If so, write the balanced net ionic equation. If a reaction is not expected to occur, explain why not.

Net Ionic Equation:

The net ionic equation is a type of equation in chemistry that presents the elements, ions, or compounds that were directly involved in a reaction. In this type of equation, the final reaction has a balanced mass and charges where the number of elements and charge are the same. Any ions that appear in both the products and reactants are not written in the net ionic equation.

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Yes, a reaction occurs. When {eq}\rm{KMnO_4 }{/eq} dissolves, it produces {eq}\rm{K^+ }{/eq} and {eq}\rm{MnO_4^- }{/eq} while {eq}\rm{NaHS }{/eq}...

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