A 33.00 mL sample of an unknown H3PO4 solution is titrated with a 0.110 M NaOH solution. The...


A 33.00 mL sample of an unknown {eq}H_3PO_4 {/eq} solution is titrated with a 0.110 M {eq}NaOH {/eq} solution. The equivalence point is reached when 26.03 mL of {eq}NaOH {/eq} solution is added. What is the concentration of the unknown {eq}H_3PO_4 {/eq} solution?

The neutralization reaction is {eq}H_3PO_4(aq)+3NaOH(aq) \rightarrow 3H_2O(l)+Na_3PO_4(aq) {/eq}.

Equivalence Point:

An important stage of a titration reaction is the equivalence point. The titration is deemed complete when the equivalence point is reached. At this stage, the moles of hydroxide ions is equal to the moles of hydrogen ions for the reaction between a strong acid and a strong base.

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The given balanced chemical equation for the titration reaction is written below.

{eq}\rm H_3PO_4(aq)+3NaOH(aq) \rightarrow...

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