A 327 ML sample of unknown HCI solution reacts completely with Na_2CO_3 to form 20.1 g CO_2. What...


A {eq}327 \ ML {/eq} sample of unknown {eq}HCI {/eq} solution reacts completely with {eq}Na_2CO_3 {/eq} to form {eq}20.1 \ g \ CO_2 {/eq}. What was the concentration of the {eq}HCI {/eq} solution?

Carbonic Acids:

When a carbonate is neutralized with excess acid, carbonic acid forms. However, the solution will effervesce, forming carbon dioxide and water from the decomposition of the carbonic acid.

{eq}\displaystyle 2HCl + CO_3^{2-} \rightarrow 2Cl^- + H_2O + CO_2 {/eq}

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Molar mass of carbon dioxide = 44.01 g/mol

By stoichiometry, the moles of HCl in the solution is:

{eq}\displaystyle 20.1 \ g \times \frac{1 \ mol \...

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