A 100.0-mL sample of a 0.10 M stock solution of Cu2+ is to be prepared using CuSO4 5H2O (molar...


A 100.0-mL sample of a 0.10 M stock solution of {eq}Cu^{2+} {/eq} is to be prepared using {eq}CuSO_4 \cdot 5H_2O {/eq} (molar mass = 249.68).

a. How many grams of {eq}CuSO_4 \cdot 5H_2O {/eq} must be measured for the preparation?

b. Describe the procedure for the preparation of the solution using 0.01 M {eq}HNO_3 {/eq} as a diluent, starting with concentrated (16 M) {eq}HNO_3 {/eq}.

c. A 2.0-mL pipet transfers the {eq}Cu^{2+} {/eq} stock solution to a 25.0-mL volumetric flask, which is then diluted to the mark of the volumetric flask with 0.01 M {eq}HNO_3^- {/eq}. What is the molar concentration of the diluted {eq}Cu^{2+} {/eq} solution?

Dilution Equation

Dilution is the process of decreasing the concentration of a solution wherein more solvent is added. The dilution equation is given below.

{eq}\rm C_1V_1=C_2V_2 {/eq}

, where {eq}\rm C_1 {/eq} and {eq}\rm C_2 {/eq} are the initial and final concentrations, and {eq}\rm V_1 {/eq} and {eq}\rm V_2 {/eq} are the initial and final volumes.

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Part a.

The mole ratio between {eq}\rm Cu^{2+} {/eq} and {eq}\rm CuSO_4 \cdot 5H_2O {/eq} is 1:1.

{eq}\rm moles\,Cu^{2+}=moles\,CuSO_4 \cdot...

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